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Click on the image to get the color code.

This is another online tool to find out the color codes in images other than, this tool has a more complete feature which can upload images via URL, so you don’t need to upload images from the device, just paste the URL address the image in the upload an image from URL column above.

How to Use It

1. Click Choose File button. a new window will pop up, select the image and click the Open button or you can paste the image url, and click the Upload Image button. Accepted file formats for image JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG.

2. Choose the color. Drag the crosshair mouse cursor on the image you have uploaded, please click on the colors you want in the image. And the colors will be save in the list of selected colors.

3. Copy the Code. After the color you want is selected, you copy the selected color into HEX, RGB or CMYK code.

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